Welcome to Inclusive Classrooms

Our philosophy is that all children can access learning and experience success.


Inclusive Classrooms grew out of discussions with teachers across Melbourne who feel that they need more support for managing aspects of inclusion and differentiation.

Some of their worries include:

  • How can I make my Individual Learning Plans effective and useful?
  • How can I best support everyone in the class at the same time?
  • Is it ok to let this child walk around the room while I am teaching?
  • How can I help them be more organised?
  • How can I stop them being so negative about their work?

These are all very common worries, and the answers to them often lies in psychology and developmental theories of learning.

And so began Inclusive Classrooms.

The idea behind Inclusive Classrooms is to support teachers in their work, through training, coaching and professional development. All training is needs-based and the starting point is a consultation with a member of school leadership and a pre-training questionairre for staff to ensure their needs are being met.

The training that is delivered is interactive, evidence-based and practical.

The aim is for teachers to walk away with a sense of confidence and some tools that they can start using immediately.

This is not Professional Development for the sake of ticking a box; this is about changing practice and helping teachers to feel confident, supported and engaged.